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A range of competitive price plans tailored to suit a range of businesses.

Completely transform the performance of your business by being asked powerful questions to unlock the fullest potential in yourself and your business aspirations

Ensure the right people are in the right roles, communicating with the right leads and customers for their personality with deeply insightful Lumina Personality Portraits
 (at least one included in each full priced subscription)

You will have access to the expertise of a professional Sales Coach and qualified NLP Practitioner who has a deep empathetic ability which guides your work together. Combined with an inquisitive, analytical mind which is able to get the reach the core of what drives you, your people, teams & business.


Now a Professional Member of the Global Association of NLP, I also come with a set of guidelines, a code of ethics and continual research & professional development



The packages listed below are guidelines described for the three most common types of customers I have worked with.


Medium businesses with more than 5 sales-related staff 

Small business with up to 3 staff involved in selling

Individual business owners and Salespeople


Bespoke packages will be agreed upon as part of our initial discovery conversations


My core requirement was that she had concerns about converting leads into paying customers especially via email rather than phone

I wanted to be sure of receiving value for money and being able to see tangible results. We went through a lot of different tactics/strategies for converting leads/addressing concerns. I’m now able to track leads from start to finish has enabled me to see tangible results using the CRM system with having a structured process in place.

Weekly contact and homework suited me as I think otherwise I have a tendency to put things on a to-do list and not actually get round to addressing them.

I think the surprise for me was the benefit I got from the more ’emotional’ parts of the work ie addressing issues around money, mindset, worthiness, self-sabotage and how other people communicate. I don’t think without that I would get any better at converting leads etc even with all the concrete systems one could put in place.


“Would you recommend me to others in similar situations, and if so, why?”

Yes, because it wasn’t just a brash ‘do this and you’ll sell better’ technique, but rather a way of understanding myself and clients behaviour better and using that knowledge to convert leads.

Sarah McGuire

Will-writer in the legal industry

I was keen to raise my self-awareness through using the Lumina Spark tool. I feel I have a good level of self-awareness but I’m always open to self-development and after having a few conversations with Joe I recognised a coaching session with him would be both enjoyable and valuable.

The session was enlightening and Joe was able to challenge my thinking around some long-held stories I was telling myself.

Some of the outcomes in the report surprised me, but with Joe’s expert help I was able to look below the presenting rhetoric and think at a deeper level about long-held personal beliefs and the stories I tell myself about me.

My favourite part was how much I felt at ease in Joe’s presence. He has a great skill in building quick rapport and I felt I could trust him very quickly to open up to some deeper thinking.

I have realised that some of the stories I have told myself for many years are indeed just stories, based on comments that are no longer relevant in my world. It feels quite liberating!

E. Jones

Director & Executive Coach, Turnstone Coaching Solutions

“We were looking to develop our sales strategy and develop the sales skills amongst our team.  My main concern was in finding someone who could support and understand the strategic side of what we were doing and help shape plans for the future. The sales process has been refined and our team have further developed their skills. It’s really useful to get an external perspective.”

A. Roberts

Owner, Go dine digital @ Nottingham

For introverts like myself, “sales” is a scary word. It is something with which I have had no prior experience. My career has generally been within technical roles where I am most comfortable, dealing with and solving technical problems.

Starting my own business, I knew I would need to adopt the role of sales. This fact left me feeling very uneasy. Joe helped to demystify the sales process and gave a practical framework to utilise and build on. Since then I worked to get out of my comfort zone, build my sales process and a routine for seeking out and contacting new leads.

Joe once asked me, “Why did you seek out sales coaching? Why didn’t you just go for it and do it anyway?”

My answer to that, “Why repeat the mistakes others have already made when you can simply learn from their experience instead?”

N. Al Shamma

Owner & Developer, Neural Spark Software

Joe was recommended to me by an associate of mine. He is generous with his time and his efforts. Joe likes to talk but the words he chooses are always carefully thought through and have a purpose.

He places a high level of importance on your own personal character, which allows him to understand more fully than most what drives you as a business leader.

He is a straight talker, whilst being sensitive to the peaks, troughs and challenges experienced by business owners.

If you feel that your business is in need of some strategic direction, then I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Joe.

M. Godby

Owner Director, Godby Credit Management

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