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Would you like a deeper understanding of how you, your staff and your customers prefer to communicate?


Lumina’s suite of personality profiling tools provide reliable, stable and in-depth portraits for individuals and teams.

You’ve probably heard of profiling services before but unlike others, Lumina offers clear, unpretentious language and, having tested them myself over 6+ years, I know them to be a deeply accurate reflection of who people really are.


Established by Dr Stewart Desson, Lumina now work in 28 countries including the US, UK, Europe, India, South Africa, APAC, Japan and China.


Each portrait provides insight into your personality at multiple levels allowing you to easily see what areas are worth focusing your development on.


“Transforming business through transforming people”

Using Lumina, I’m able to offer three types of personality portrait:

  • Spark – for individuals
  • Sales – a unique insight for those who want to know how they work in the sales environment
  • Team options for the above – to give you a full insight into your business colleagues’ communication preferences.  

The Lumina Spark Portrait is perfect for getting to know yourself better in a general sense, not tied to a specific business role or position. 

With my knowledge and expertise of the reports, we can create your coaching plan to develop areas that need help and to maximise your strengths.

This report will help us to see your dominant traits, how you act under pressure and how to make that work to your advantage and, finally, how you adjust your behaviour within the work environment.

The Lumina Sales Portrait uses the same trusted methods as the Spark portrait but focuses on how your dominant traits shape your work within the sales environment. 

It highlights the areas of the sales process that you’re most comfortable with along with those that would benefit from development and coaching. 

Lumina also offers this portrait for leadership and HR templates too, giving more insight into your colleagues and employees communication preferences,

The final portrait offered by Lumina is the team portrait which is invaluable for building a complete picture of the full personalities within any team but especially for those in a Sales team. Using the Lumina team portrait, we will be able to identify who has a preference for what part of the sales cycle, who can support each other, how conflicts may arise and even what type of customer may suit each team member. Using these portraits with teams helps each team member identify others’ skills and strengths too, and often allows those who do have a conflict to find a means to work together regardless of those difficulties. 

The three products available as part of the coaching services provided here focus on different specific needs within your organisation:

Focus on Personal Style = Lumina Spark

Focus on Sales Style = Lumina Sales

Focus on Team communication = Lumina Team

Using these personality portraits in isolation is possible but to get the most from them and to understand the deep level of insight they provide it’s best to use them as the basis for coaching and development with a practitioner such as myself. Together we can work through what the portraits reveal and design a coaching plan to help make the most of your strengths and tackle any areas of development. 


Bring clarity to your company wide communication


Everyone within the organisation has their own unique preferences in communicating with others.

When staff don’t feel able to communicate effectively with colleague, communication breaks down, misunderstandings can happen which lead to lost sales, higher stress and worsened customer relationships


Whatever your challenge, you can use Lumina products for a whole range of actionable solutions. Their innovative methodology is designed to support interventions covering:

Presentations, training courses, inspirational coaching sessions, team building, staff onboarding, selection, sales development, authentic leadership, organisational development, and so much more.


“We enjoyed the Lumina training as it gave a good insight into the personality of people we were selling to.”

A. Roberts, Owner, go dine digital


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