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Would you like a deeper understanding of how you, your staff and your customers prefer to communicate?


Lumina’s suite of personality portraits have been proving insight into team and individuals’  communication styles since 2008.


Established by Dr Stewart Desson, Lumina now work in 28 countries including the US, UK, Europe, India, South Africa, APAC, Japan and China.


Each portrait provides insight into your personality at multiple levels allowing you to easily see what areas are worth focusing your development on.


“Transforming business through transforming people”

Lumina’s tools provide next generation professional development tools for the digital era. They support:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Whole Organisations

to work more effectively, improve internal and external communication and behaviours which naturally improves the bottom line to your business.

The tools are driven by highly interactive and colourful models that create clearer self-understanding.

The instruments are unique amongst psychometrics as they avoid any stereotyping and put meaningful, easy to understand data into the hands of the learners. All terms use plain language – no arcane analogies or codes to decipher here.

The three products available as part of the coaching services provided here focus specifically on different needs within your organisation:

Focus on Personal Style = Lumina Spark

Focus on Sales Style = Lumina Sales

Focus on Team communication = Lumina Team


Bring clarity to your company wide communication


Everyone within the organisation has their own unique preferences in communicating with others. When staff don’t feel able to communicate effectively with colleague, communication breaks down, misunderstandings can happen which lead to lost sales, higher stress and worsened customer relationships


Whatever your challenge, you can use Lumina products for a whole range of actionable solutions. Their innovative methodology is designed to support interventions covering:

Presentations, training courses, inspirational coaching sessions, team building, staff onboarding, selection, sales development, authentic leadership, organisational development, and so much more.


“We enjoyed the Lumina training as it gave a good insight into the personality of people we were selling to.”

A. Roberts, Owner, go dine digital


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