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Are you craving more from yourself and your career?

Do you feel as though there is something holding you back?

Are you ready to tackle the challenges head on?


Using the Spark personality portrait, you can begin to understand what makes you tick, what values drive you and why, and how to overcome areas of development that you may have neglected or even avoided in the past.

By taking a holistic view of who you are at work and out of work, the Spark portrait presents the opportunity to address any conflicts you may be having and build on your current strengths and passions. 

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“Transforming business through transforming people”

Your Spark is presented in a simple to understand, colour-coded format with the main colours:

Red – Dominant, logical people
Yellow – Influencer, visionary, creative
Blue – Cautious, data oriented, analytical
Green – Empathy, listener, 

Each explained in clear language and described at the start of the portrait.

You then read through the portrait and can instantly spot where these colours (and thus each of the personality traits) are prevalent for you.

Although you probably have a good idea of where you may exist in these colours/traits, the results will uncover things that will surprise you. 

Rooted in proven psychological personality profiling, this is a stable and thorough personality profiling tool.

It provides an insightful and balanced look at who you are providing a significant amount of information and data.

Rather than be overwhelmed by the graphs, information and suggestions from the portrait, with my expertise in reading the portrait to explain it and answer any queries it raises for you.

Then, working together, we can create a coaching plan to overcome any obstacles and get you on your way to your goals. 

The Lumina Spark Mandala showing its Qualities, Traits and a sample portrait “Splash”

The three products available as part of the coaching services provided here focus specifically on different needs within your organisation:

Focus on Personal Style = Lumina Spark

Focus on Sales Style = Lumina Sales

Focus on Team communication = Lumina Team


Bring clarity to your company wide communication


Everyone within the organisation has their own unique preferences in communicating with others.


When staff don’t feel able to communicate effectively with colleague, communication breaks down, misunderstandings can happen which lead to lost sales, higher stress and worsened customer relationships


Whatever your challenge, you can use Lumina products for a whole range of actionable solutions. Their innovative methodology is designed to support interventions covering:

Presentations, training courses, inspirational coaching sessions, team building, staff onboarding, selection, sales development, authentic leadership, organisational development, and so much more.


“We enjoyed the Lumina training as it gave a good insight into the personality of people we were selling to.”

A. Roberts, Owner, go dine digital


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