A lovely way to start the week – A very kind testimonial from Sarah McGuire for the Sales coaching she undertook with me 3 months ago.

Sarah’s core requirement was that she had concerns about converting leads into paying customers especially via email rather than phone.

My standard post-coaching questions

Q: Before you hired me and started using my services, what concerns might have prevented you from hiring me? Did any of that come true, and if not, what happened instead?

A: I wanted to be sure of receiving value for money and being able to see tangible results. I felt we went through a lot of different tactics/strategies for converting leads/addressing concerns.

I’m now able to track leads from start to finish has enabled me to see tangible results using the CRM system with having a structured process in place now. For example, quick discovery calls followed by email proposals and nudge/walk-away emails [which] has allowed the whole process to speed up, which stops clients drifting away or issues remaining unresolved. 


Q: What, specifically, was your favourite part of the services I provided, and why? Did anything surprise you?

A: Weekly contact and homework suited me as I think otherwise I have a tendency to put things on a to-do list and not actually get round to addressing them.

I think the surprise for me was the benefit I got from the more ’emotional’ parts of the work ie addressing issues around money, mindset, worthiness, self-sabotage and how other people communicate. I don’t think without that I would get any better at converting leads etc even with all the concrete systems one could put in place.


Q: How do you feel you have benefitted from hiring me?

A: A number of aspects

  • [The] Ability to be more assertive when stating prices.
  • Feeling worthy of earning more
  • Confidence in being able to walk away from difficult customers rather than endlessly chasing.
  • The clarity in who I am and how I react to people, and being able to accept that people are rejecting a business proposition rather than me personally.

I think some of these are still a work in progress but at least now I can recognize where/why I am struggling + have the tools to overcome them.

(These aspects will always be work in progress after coaching – there are few magic bullets and instant fixes, especially in dealing with complex human beliefs and behaviours 🙂)


Q: Would you recommend me to others in similar situations, and if so, why?

A: Yes, because it wasn’t just a brash ‘do this and you’ll sell better’ technique, but rather a way of understanding myself and clients behaviour better and using that knowledge to convert leads.




How and I why I work the way I do

The latter is very much a core part of who I am and the way in which I prefer to work

No nauseating, pushy Sales tactics from me.

I hate being on the receiving end of that as much as anyone, so why would I encourage clients to do anything of the sort?

Plus, regardless of whether in a team or with individuals, for me the work and results are improved by giving each individual time in training AND coaching.

Better to uncover the individual’s perspectives of their world and behaviours in order to understand their challenges to success as they see it. Added with what I consider to be best practices.

Work on the behaviours and communications over time, reinforcing any new information given with self-analysis of “what went well” + “what could be better next time?”

Add in some time for accountability calls AND an understanding of how to read others, how to see the conversations from a buyer’s perspective for a well-rounded approach to selling in a way that works with not against their personal values.

Optionally add in a Sales based personality profile as a measured baseline for understanding behaviours and you and your team will have a clarity on who they are, what their communication and behaviour preferences are.

This will aid their communication style with each other and with potential buyers, customers and, well, everyone they speak to over any medium. 

So… What is, say, a 10% price increase worth to you over time? Especially with the added confidence of asking for it? I once managed to get a client to increase their prices by around 165%…

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