Thoughts on a variety of subjects to help your understanding of Sales, life and communication. Much of my work is based on the psychology of communication, behaviours and personality types. My style tends to be a straightforward, no BS approach to communication



Fear of Following Up

  A common challenge I find my client have is the fear of following up too many times as they don't want to appear to be a "pushy" sales person.    This can lead to many lost deals and is often caused by people attempting to mind read the lives of their...

Introduction to Joe Hendley

  I was invited to take part in a series of interviews presented by a good friend of mine, Pauline Harley.  Pauline is a fantastic, no-nonsense career coach and well worth checking out.      In this interview video, I talk about how my own path I took...

A Fully Balanced Life

If you are finding it hard to balance work, life, love and everything else, if you find it hard to bring some order to your world, perhaps this will help. Recently I've been working through some coaching from the incredibly, deeply talented Kali Fraser . I'm...

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