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Professional Coaching to Enhance Your Organisation’s Sales Performance

Do you want to feel more confident in selling your products and services? 

Do you want to understand how to communicate more effectively with your audience and colleagues?

Would you like to  organically grow a loyal customer base to encourage them to become active advocates for your brand?

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Business Roadmaps Custom Built To Your Needs

My approach is to look into four areas of your sales methodology: 

  • The current Business and Sales strategy
  • Existing Systems & Processes supporting information flow
  • The structure of your sales calls and conversations, the language used within all communication across your customer journey
  • The mindset of all sales related staff – their behaviours and attitude 

Hiring an independent consultant to investigate, advise and coach on anything less than the entirety of your efforts to sell your products and services risks missing important pieces of the puzzle



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Sales coaching

Sales consultancy

NLP based life coaching

Lumina Spark portraits (Staff & Teams)

Lumina sales portraits  (Staff & Teams)

Sales Pitch presentations

Customer experience consultancy

Public speaking / Presentation coaching

Interview preparation

Communication coaching



What You Can Expect

Firstly, request an initial consultation.


This session allows me to ask some high level questions to understand what your current status and concerns are so I can build a better picture of your requirements.


Depending on those requirements, we may need a subsequent meeting either remotely or on-site will allow me to ask more detailed questions to build a more complete picture of the issues in mind and whether there are any other ares to consider. An optional on-site visit helps me to gain a feel for the office environment and of any staff to be coached, which in turns helps me to build a bespoke solution for your business. 



Sales & Communication Coaching

Everyone who interacts with your audience affects how the business brand is perceived. Is everyone aligned with your business values?

Systems & Process Consultancy

Are the systems you have implemented supporting your staff, customer experience & business goals?

collaborative idea generation

Would you like an alternative perspective on your sales methodology? I am a natural ideas generator  

Strategic thinking & planning

Along with an understanding of communication psychology, I can help ensure your strategy is achievable with the resources you have

When do I help?


Those looking to take their business to “the next level”

A sense there may be better ways of customer acquisition & retention

Stalled Business Growth

Objectives/Targets not being met

Productivity & Process frustrations

Operational due-diligence

Staff morale / stress / motivation / confidence





Why use me?


Practitioner – I’ve worked in professional sales teams myself, cold calling multiple countries

Qualified NLP Practitioner

Qualified Lumina Portrait Practitioner

Naturally inquisitive, analytical

Technical & Troubleshooting background in IT with knowledge of engineering and manufacturing

Empath / High EQ person

Natural ability to create refreshing ideas for personal and business development

Natural collaborator

Enjoys a continual challenges and personal development

Competitive, Subscription based pricing. Once agreed the monthly cost won’t change unless your needs change, so can budget month by month

Who is it for?


Business Leaders / Owners 

C-Suite / Directors / Executive level

SMEs with Sales & Business Development teams

Turnover to £5m a year

B2B Service delivery

B2B Solution selling

Any sector – For Profit, Not-For Profit, Charities

If you have non-FMCG customers, I can help


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